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Cab carpet for Fiat Ducato Type 250 from BJ 2006

Cab carpet for Fiat Ducato Type 250 from BJ 2006

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We offer a driver's cabin carpet for Fiat Ducato Type 250 from BJ 2006 to match our living room carpet. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of fit of individual extensions or installations. The carpet is made for the original driver's cab of a Fiat Ducato.
The carpet for fully integrated motorhomes does not have the tab for the step on the passenger side.

The carpet in the driver's cabin has reinforcement in black in the area of the pedals. The material consists of high quality velor in different colors. The material is thick, giving better insulation than a standard cab carpet .


This velor floor creates a special comfort with its soft and fluffy material. With its solid nature, which has a material thickness of 7 mm, it creates a homely feeling.


The product is usually ready to ship within 7-10 days. This article will be sent as a package with GLS.

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The living room carpet weighs approx. 5kg and the carpet for the compact bathroom weighs approx. 2kg.

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