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Knaus: An overview of the renowned motorhome manufacturer

For many years, the name Knaus has stood for high-quality motorhomes that not only impress with their functionality, but also with their design and innovation. The company has developed from a small craft business into one of the leading motorhome manufacturers in Europe. In this text we delve deeper into the history, the different models and the special features of the Knaus company.

History and founding of Knaus

Knaus was founded in 1960 by Helmut Knaus in Marktbreit, Bavaria. With the vision of making traveling more comfortable and flexible, the company started producing caravans. With continuous development and innovation, the company grew quickly and was soon able to expand its range to include different types of vehicles.

The different vehicle types and models from Knaus

Knaus has specialized in offering the right model for every need. The spectrum ranges from compact camper vans to luxurious integrated vehicles. The different types are examined in more detail below.

Integrated motorhomes
Integrated motorhomes are characterized by the fact that the driver's cab and living areas flow seamlessly into one another. Knaus offers a range of models here:
- Knaus Sky I : An elegant travel companion that scores with extensive standard equipment and a comfortable interior.
- Knaus Sun I : This model stands for pure luxury and, in addition to high-quality workmanship, offers numerous technical refinements.

Semi-integrated motorhomes
These models have a separate driver's cab that is visually and structurally separated from the living area. Some of the most famous models from Knaus are:

Knaus Sky TI : A real bestseller that scores with a successful mix of functionality and comfort.
Knaus Van TI : More compact than other models and therefore particularly maneuverable without sacrificing comfort.

In alcove motorhomes, a sleeping cabin protrudes above the driver's cab. This provides additional sleeping space without increasing the size of the floor plan. One example is the Knaus Sport Traveler : a family-friendly model that is particularly suitable for families thanks to its additional sleeping space in the alcove.

Vans are more compact than other motorhomes, but still offer enough space for comfortable travel. Knaus also has a lot to offer here. For example, the Knaus BoxLife is a versatile van that is ideal not only for traveling but also for everyday life.

Camper vans
Camper vans are the most compact form of mobile travel and ideal for adventurers and city travelers. With different floor plans and a clever room layout, the Knaus BoxStar is perfect for short trips and longer trips.

Innovation and further development at Knaus

Knaus is proud to always be at the forefront of technical development. The company regularly invests in research and development to ensure that its motorhomes and vans meet the latest standards of safety, comfort and environmental friendliness.

Quality and design at Knaus

The Knaus philosophy places great value on quality and design. Each model is manufactured with the utmost precision and undergoes strict quality controls to ensure that it meets the company's high standards. This quality assurance is reflected not only in the longevity of the vehicles, but also in the many details that increase comfort and user-friendliness.

When it comes to design, Knaus has always focused on offering contemporary yet timeless aesthetics. The focus is on clean lines, functional spaces and a modern interior. This is reflected in the harmonious color combinations, the high-quality materials and the well-thought-out room layout.

Environmental awareness at Knaus

In times of growing environmental awareness, Knaus has also taken measures to reduce its ecological footprint. By using environmentally friendly materials, reducing waste and developing energy-saving technologies, the company contributes to protecting our environment. Knaus also relies on resource-saving production and strives to promote sustainable supply chains.

Future prospects and innovations

The future of mobile travel is exciting, and Knaus is committed to being at the forefront. The company is constantly researching new technologies to further improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of its models. These include systems for generating energy, such as solar technology, as well as innovative storage solutions and advanced assistance systems.

The company is also open to trends such as electromobility and autonomous driving. Even though these developments are still in their infancy, especially in the area of ​​motorhomes, Knaus still strives to deal with the possibilities at an early stage and to offer its customers progressive solutions in these areas in the future.


Over the decades, Knaus has established itself as a reliable and innovative manufacturer of mobile homes and caravans. With a wide range of models ranging from compact vans to luxurious integrated motorhomes, Knaus offers the right vehicle for every traveler.

Knaus has grown from its humble beginnings in the 1960s to become a leading manufacturer in the RV industry. With a clear focus on quality, design and innovation, the company has made a name for itself and stands for reliability and first-class products. Through constant development and the adoption of new trends, Knaus will continue to secure a permanent place in the hearts of campers and travel enthusiasts in the future.