The right carpet for the rear garage of your motorhome and van

With us you have come to the right place for a tailor-made carpet for your motorhome. Regardless of whether it is a panel van, partially integrated, alcove, integrated or caravan.

Advantages of a carpet for the rear garage of a motorhome

1. Cleanliness: The carpet protects the floor of the rear garage from dirt, dust and scratches. It can serve as a barrier and prevent dirt from outside from entering the interior of the RV. This keeps the garage cleaner and easier to clean.

2. Comfort: A carpet gives the rear garage a cozy atmosphere. It feels more comfortable to stand on a soft carpet than directly on the hard floor. The carpet can also act as an insulator and keep the cold or heat off the ground, improving comfort in the RV .

3. Noise insulation: Using a carpet dampens the sound in the rear garage. This can be particularly beneficial while driving as vibrations and noise are reduced. This makes the overall experience calmer and more enjoyable.

4. Protection for items: If items are transported in the rear garage, a carpet can serve as protection. It prevents the items on the floor from slipping or being damaged. The carpet can also absorb shocks and shocks, protecting the delicate objects.

5. Aesthetics: A carpet improves the appearance of the rear garage. It gives the room a homely touch and makes it more attractive to underline the individual style of the motorhome.

In summary, a carpet in the rear garage of an RV can provide cleanliness, comfort, sound insulation, protect items and improve aesthetics.