How thick is the carpet?

The carpet has a thickness of approx. 7mm.

What is the condition of the underside of the carpet?

The carpet has a textile backing on the underside.

Is condensation or condensation forming under the carpet?

No, we cannot detect any condensation or sweat under the carpet in everyday use.

How do I clean the carpet

We recommend cleaning with a standard (battery) vacuum cleaner or tapping outside the vehicle.

Can the carpet be washed?

We recommend cleaning with a very mild carpet cleaner and not a full wash.

Does the carpet have to be glued?

No, thanks to its fit, the carpet lies very well in the camper and can be easily removed from the vehicle at any time. We do not recommend gluing.

Can I get carpet samples in advance for better evaluation?

Yes, request samples via our contact page.

My manufacturer/camping vehicle is not listed, can I still order a carpet?

Yes, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Any questions?

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