How to make an RV rug template?

If you need a carpet as soon as possible and we do not have it on offer yet, please send us a pattern template of the floor of your motorhome.

What do you need to make the carpet template?

  • Paper, at least 80 grams of copy paper in A4 or A3. ( No cardboard, fabric, wrapping paper (or other material)
  • Scissors
  • duct tape
Cover the entire floor of the motorhome with the paper. Stick it together with the adhesive tape (once you're done, stick it completely on the back too!) so that nothing can slip.

Make sure that the paper is also laid out in any recesses under the cabinets. The circle for the column must also be cut out where there is a lifting table. In some places you will have to stick more sheets of paper on or cut off parts. But that sounds more difficult than it is.

Leave about 2 mm of space from each edge, as the overlocking will make the carpet a little wider again.

Please also note that there must be a gap of about 8 mm between the floor and the refrigerator or cupboard door so that it can still be opened and does not drag on the carpet.

You can also create the template in several parts, so that you can remove it from the motorhome more easily if necessary. Here too, please pay attention to the additional width caused by the chain stitching of the edges.

Cut-outs for heating vents, table legs, etc. always require a cut from the edge. Round cut-outs must also have a diameter of at least 11 cm.

Now mark which side is on top so that when the rug is made it is not accidentally made upside down.

Also mark on the templates in which direction they lie by drawing an arrow towards the front of the vehicle.

Please be sure to include the form available for download here with your delivery.

After you have checked everything again, send us this template to the following address:
Hitzhofener Str. 15c
85117 Eitensheim

Once we receive it, we will tell you the price for the finished carpet and you will let us know whether we can work for you. A few days later, you too will have a custom-made motorhome carpet.

Please note that we are unfortunately unable to return the templates due to administrative costs.


We would like to point out that we are unfortunately unable to process stencils that do not meet our quality standards - this includes stencils that come loose, have inaccurate contours or whose top and bottom sides are not completely glued together. In order to guarantee the quality of our work, we cannot carry out any rework in the event of such deviations.

Should we receive stencils that do not meet these requirements, we will be forced to dispose of them or return them to you for a fee. We ask for your understanding and cooperation to avoid such situations.

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