How to make an RV rug template?

If you need a carpet as quickly as possible and we don't have it on offer yet, please send us a pattern template of the floor of your motorhome.

What do you need to make the carpet template?

  • Paper, ideally 80 grams of copy paper in A4 or A3. It can also be a roll of wrapping paper, old newspapers, baking paper or flipchart paper.
  • Scissors
  • duct tape
Line the entire floor of the RV with the paper. Stick this together with the adhesive tape so that nothing can slip.

Make sure that the paper is also laid out in any recesses under the cabinets. Likewise, where there is a lifting table, the circle for the column must be cut out. In some places you will need to glue additional sheets of paper or cut off parts. But that sounds more difficult than it is.

Leave approx. 2 mm of space from each edge, as linking the carpet will make it a little wider.

Please also note that there is approx. 8 mm of space from the floor to the refrigerator or cupboard door so that it can still be opened and does not drag on the carpet.

You can also create the stencil in multiple sections, making it easier to remove it from the RV if necessary. Here too, please pay attention to the additional width caused by linking the edges.

Now mark which side is up so that when making the carpet it is not accidentally made in a mirror image.

After you have checked everything again, send us this template to the following address:
Hitzhofener Str. 15c
85117 Eitensheim

Upon receipt, we will tell you the price for the finished carpet and you will let us know whether we can work for you. A few days later you too will have a precisely made motorhome carpet.

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