Why velor RV carpeting?

Carpeting makes the living space of a motorhome cozier and more comfortable. Velor carpeting, in particular, is a popular choice among many RV owners.

What is velor carpet?
Velor carpet is a soft and fluffy floor covering made of fibers with a raised surface. The term “velour” comes from French and means something like “velvet”. The carpet therefore feels particularly soft and pleasant.

Features of velor carpet
Softness: Velor carpet is particularly soft and comfortable to walk on.

Insulation: The carpet has an insulating effect and keeps the heat in the motorhome. This is a big advantage, especially in the cold season.

Sound insulation: Velor carpet reduces the noise level in the living room.

Easy to care for: Velor carpet is easy to clean and maintain.

Why is velor carpet suitable for RVs?

Comfort: A motorhome is not just a vehicle, but also a temporary home. With a velor carpet, the motorhome becomes a cozy and comfortable place to live.

Appearance: Velor carpet not only looks good, it is also available in different colors. This allows you to individually design the living space of the motorhome and give it a personal touch.

Protection: Velor carpet protects the floor of the motorhome from scratches and dirt.

Velor carpet is an ideal floor covering for RVs. It provides comfort, sound insulation and protection for the vehicle's living space.

Order carpet samples

Can't decide between the different colors yet or would you like to feel the material? Then use our sample service ! We will then simply send you a small piece of the carpet in all available colors so that you get the best possible impression of the color and other properties of the carpet.

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