Carpets for motorhomes and caravans: This makes your trip with your camper really comfortable!

The two terms "mobile home" and " caravan " contain the word "living" - so what could be more obvious than equipping the caravan or mobile home in such a way that there is a pleasant, homely atmosphere inside? A carpet is ideally suited as a floor covering. But it should be the right carpet: material, structure and color play an important role. In addition, the carpet should be laid in such a way that it does not present any tripping hazards.

Why is a carpet useful in motorhomes and caravans?

This is where the advantages of a good carpet are convincing. The caravan or mobile home carpet provides warmth and a cozy feeling underfoot. Especially when camping in winter, a carpet has an insulating effect against the cold from below. A suitable floor covering in the driver's cab is also very practical, as is an outdoor carpet for the awning .

The look of the carpet can be matched to the rest of the interior design. You can choose the color and pattern individually according to your own taste, so that a harmonious overall impression is created. In addition to the design, it is also about the material. Caravan and mobile home owners can choose the carpet they want from many different materials. So that you can enjoy the carpet for a long time, you should have these properties:

- durable
- sturdy
- easy-care
- antistatic

High-quality synthetic fibres, pure wool or a wool-synthetic mixture are suitable materials. Outdoor carpets are made of synthetic fibers. A good awning carpet is absorbent and dries quickly. Another distinction relates to the surface. There are caravan carpets made of needle felt , velor, high-pile and short-pile carpets , and loop-pile carpets . You can also opt for carpet tiles , for rolls and sheets or for a custom-made carpet. The goal is always to have a carpet that increases comfort in the motorhome .

In the cooler season, a carpet for the caravan is particularly practical. Even if the motorhome has underfloor heating , the carpet provides even more warmth and comfort. If you use the mobile home in winter, you can create a cozy "home on wheels" with a warm floor covering. Whether on the move or on a permanent site , overnight stays and longer stays in the caravan are very pleasant for the user.

In any case, it is advisable to pay attention to a very good quality when buying a caravan carpet . The saying "Who buys cheap, buys twice - and then correspondingly expensive" shows its truthfulness over many years of use. If the carpet is very thin, it wears out quickly, becoming flimsy and brittle. With a thicker carpet, on the other hand, stability is guaranteed. Another effect: the floor of the caravan is permanently protected with the carpet covering , the value of the mobile home is retained.

Timeless or right on trend? Large selection of carpets for mobile homes, vans and caravans.
When it comes to the right design, the specialist trade has a wide variety to offer. Monochrome or slightly mottled , discreetly patterned or striking - whatever you like is allowed with the mobile home carpet ! You can match the floor covering to the interior, prefer a tone-in-tone design or create strong contrasts. In terms of ease of care , patterned and/or darker carpets are better so that dirt does not immediately catch the eye. A dust control mat is also useful, either directly in front of the entrance or in the inner entrance area. In this way, dirt, moisture and dust can be kept away from the stand.

How do you clean carpets for caravans and mobile homes?
Carpets with a short, rather smooth pile can be swept if necessary if the soiling is only light. A vacuum cleaner is required for carpets with knobs or loops, for high-pile models and for heavy soiling. A cordless vacuum works well. Stains from modern synthetic fibers can be easily removed with a damp cloth, possibly with a mild detergent. For a thorough deep cleaning , you can clean the carpet with a shampooing device .

Can I lay the carpet in the caravan or camper myself?
Laying it yourself is possible with a little manual skill, only the dimensions have to fit. Cutting in place in the camper is complicated. The floor plan in the caravan is often a bit crooked at the edges, so that the correctly cut dimensions make laying easier. You will receive the appropriate pattern template from us.

The edges at the edge must be finished so that the carpet does not fray. If a heater is installed in the motor home , a distance of a few centimeters must be maintained.

The advantages of being made to measure in a caravan and motorhome carpet
For a perfectly fitted rug with the correct measurements, you can use the bespoke cutting service. We offer to cut and link the rug to exact measurements. It saves you a lot of work. Only the template or a floor plan with exact dimensions must be available, then the ready-to-lay carpet is available after a short time.

"My camper is my castle !" With this motto and the right carpet, the caravan or mobile home becomes a real oasis - cozy, stylish and warm!
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