The right carpet for Knaus motorhomes and vans

With us you have come to the right place for a perfectly fitting carpet for your Knaus motorhome. Regardless of whether it is a panel van, partially integrated, alcove or integrated.

High-quality velor carpets for Knaus motorhomes, vans and caravans

Choosing the right flooring for your mobile home can make a significant difference in comfort, aesthetics and functionality. Designed specifically for Knaus vehicles, our velor carpets meet all of these requirements and are a superior choice for anyone looking for a balance between luxury and practicality.

Detailed product features

Fine velor material

Our rugs are made from a carefully selected velor material known for its fine, dense texture and comfortable feel. This material has the property of combining comfort and aesthetics in one product.

Robust material strength

An impressive 7mm thickness not only provides a luxurious feel underfoot, but also ensures greater durability and resistance to daily wear and tear.

Versatile color options

Our carpets are available in four timeless color variations: beige, brown, gray and anthracite. This color palette was chosen to blend seamlessly into most interiors while adding a warm and homely touch to any room.

Specific fit

The carpets have been designed with the specific dimensions and interior space of Knaus motorhomes, vans and caravans in mind. This means you benefit from a precise fit that minimizes the risk of shifting or wrinkling.

Additional benefit

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefit, these carpets also contribute to improved soundproofing and thermal insulation in the vehicle. The velor material has the natural ability to absorb sound and provide an additional layer of insulation, which is particularly useful in colder months.

A carpet may seem like a simple element at first glance, but it has the potential to significantly increase the comfort and livability of your mobile home. Our velor carpets for Knaus vehicles are the result of careful consideration and material selection to offer you a product that sets standards in terms of quality, function and design.